Pembrokshire Island of Caldey Pest Control

Pest control is not all about killing things, West Wales Pest Control have been at the forefront of introducing partridges and red squirrels to the beautiful Pembrokshire Island of Caldey.  The rat eradication is now 12 months into its monitoring stage and things are looking good!

Island Rat Eradication

Rat eradication going really well on monastic island of Caldey off the Pembrokeshire coast 12 months into the project. No rodent sightings since July 2016.

Wasp Nest Removal August 2016

                              It’s a busy time of year for wasp nest removals across all of West Wales. As we approach the end of summer, the wasps can become more of a nuisance, so we treat dozens of nests each week. Obviously wasps … Continued

Live Wasp Nest Video

Click “Play” to watch a live wasp nest video that we were asked to remove in July 2016. If you find a wasp nest or suspect you have a wasp problem, please call us for fast help and a friendly service. Wasps have a high danger rating as they can attack in numbers when aggravated … Continued

Seagull Proofing Tenby Police Station

  Some images of West Wales Pest Control Seagull proofing Tenby Police Station. We had a beautiful day of nice weather to work in. We specialise in bird proofing and control and service West Wales homes and businesses, so please give us a call if you have any questions or concerns about birds, including seagulls and … Continued

Wasp Nest Removal Carmarthen

Richard just removed a giant wasp nest from an attic in Carmarthen in January 2016! Winter Wasp Nest Removal Carmarthen! If you have any questions or concerns about wasps or bees then please give us a call today.

Wynnstay Group Carmarthen Review

We are pleased to announce our contract at Wynnstay Group Caramarthen and share their review: We had a huge rodent problem at The Mill, which the previous pest controllers failed to deal with. West Wales Pest Control took on the rodent eradication program and there has not been a sign of a rat after one … Continued

Importance of SGARs and CRRU

  Second Generation Anticoagulant Rodenticides (SGARs) are a form of pesticide that are particularly virulent and effective. In some ways, they are too effective presenting a significant issue to wildlife who may either come across the poison in its raw form or eat the remains of a poisoned rodent. Effective rodent control is essential in … Continued

Seagull Proofing in Newport Pembrokeshire

Seagull proofing in the idyllic seaside village of Newport in Pembrokeshire using Killgerms RTN bracket system and gull spikes and gull chimney guards. Please contact us for a free no obligation quote and site survey for all your bird proofing and control requirements.