Bedbugs could be on the increase. In fact, many people have referred to bedbugs as being a modern day issue and they could be right…

Bedbugs – a modern day plague?

Many experts believe that our ability to travel widely, both domestically and internationally, has been instrumental in bedbugs gaining a firm hold in beds across the globe. Hitching a lift in the soft furnishings of cars, taxis, trains, planes and more, they then attach themselves to our clothing and bags, taking them home.

They will settle anywhere in the house, but prefer the humidity of the bed, along with a nightly blood meal that we supply. Although they bite us, they do not present a hazard to our health but who wants to share their bed with a blood-sucking insect?

Getting rid of bedbugs

This takes a little know-how which a professional pest control company such as West Wales Pest Control Services will know. For example…

  • The right insecticide must be applied in the right place in order for it to be effective
  • Eggs can survive and are tiny, almost invisible to the naked eye; crevices in bedframes, as well as other areas of the room will need to be thoroughly cleaned
  • Bedbugs can survive changes in temperature, therefore ALL bedding must be washed at the highest temperature it can be but certainly at a minimum of 60°; items should also be dried at the highest temperature possible
  • Some delicate items cannot be washed but can be frozen for a few days as this is known to kill bedbugs egg too

We also assess if there is any way that the property could be re-infested with bedbugs as these tiny creatures can move from one place to another with alarming speed.

Some clients are distressed and embarrassed by bedbug, but there is really no need to be. They find their way into our homes in ways that you would not believe but they are NOT attract to dirty homes, neither is it a sign of poor hygiene!

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