Pigeons are found all over the UK, especially in cities and towns where there is a large population of people; enjoying the scraps of food and rubbish we leave ‘lying around’, as well as warm buildings to roost and nest, the issue of pigeons being a pest is a topic long debated.

Pigeons are not an aggressive bird, but their habits, especially when they flock in numbers as they are known to do, can present us with some issues:

  • Damage – pigeon droppings can damage builds. Essentially, erosive in nature, if the droppings are not regularly cleaned away, they ammonia in in can slowly ‘eat away’ at the surface of the stone or material.
  • Unsightly – droppings can also be unsightly; streaking across roofs and down walls, many people find the constant droppings and mess the pigeons leave as being very unsightly and not the image they want to portray.
  • Health – new pigeon droppings on pavements can be slippery underfoot but also dealing with dry droppings creates a dust which, if breathed in sufficient quantity and over a period of time, can cause breathing difficulties and, in rarer cases, lung disease.

But, pigeons can be dealt with!

Bird proofing measures such as nets and spikes humanely stop pigeons from nesting and roosting on buildings. These measures, once their installation is complete, has an instant effect – and you no longer have to spend hard earned cash on cleaning and repairing your property!

Many commercial customers are realising the benefits of bird proofing measures, and they are also available to the domestic client too. We also advise on how our habits can also be inadvertently encouraging pigeons into ‘our space’ too!

West Wales Pest Control Services have extensive knowledge and skills in how to pigeon proof your home or business, so call us!