Flies are a nuisance; buzzing about us, our homes or business, as well as food and other areas, people detest flies. One or two is bad enough, but when you feel under siege from hordes of flies, it can feel even worse. But how and why do flies become an issue?

You MUST get rid of flies

Flies are more than just a nuisance; they land and consume all kinds of material, from animal excrement to our food. This means they spread bacteria, causing cross contamination between our edible food and less savoury items; if this happens in sufficient quantity, we can become ill.

Identify the source

Invariably, there will be a reason why you are under siege from a large number of flies and in many cases, the first step in getting rid of any kind of fly infestation is to find the source.

This can be anything from rotting fruit in the garden or an uncovered bin or compost. Once the source has been found, steps can be taken to eradicate it. Here at West Wales Pest Control Services, we find that in the vast majority of cases, this has an immediate and positive impact on the infestation.

Other cases may present more complexities, especially if it seems the source is inside the property. Some customers find a rotting bird in the chimney, or something under the floor boards can be the food supply and source of a fly infestation.

There is a solution!

We have the solution to any fly infestation. Working with chemicals safe to use in and around the home or commercial premises, we can rid the property of a fly infestation quickly and effectively. And, with our competitive prices, you won’t be out of pocket either!