Rodents are surely the most detested pest that we deal with! Capable of spreading bacteria and disease, it is essential that you have any rodent infestation (even if it is just one or two mice) dealt with immediately.

Rodents breed quickly and in fairly large numbers; so spotting one adult rat in the garage means there could be young in a nest. With the young reaching maturity within a matter of weeks, they will begin to multiply too. Like us, rodents seek shelter from the weather, as well as somewhere safe to nest and a local food source close by. Our homes, gardens and businesses are perfect.

Rats also spread disease; with a bacterium naturally living in their gut, which they excrete in their urine, living and working in an area where rats are, presents a significant threat to our health. Mice can find their way in to a property through the smallest of gaps, running across worktops and other areas in the home; this too spreads bacteria, which can lead to ill-health.

Dealing with the problem

Rodents can be dealt with and eradicated from properties and outbuildings quickly. With West Wales Pest Control we know the habits and routines of rodents, you will be genuinely amazed at how quickly this infestation can be turned around.

Laying traps is one method, as well as the use of poison. We have access to a range of chemicals that are effective and immediate in their effect on rodents. However, the laying of poison needs to be done in a way that presents no risk to humans, pets and other, non-target species. ONLY pest controllers can do this with certainty!

If you think you may have a rodent issue – spotting a rat in the compost, or a mouse in the cellar – do not delay in calling in expert, local pest controllers. Make West Wales Pest Control Services your first – and only – call!