Insects can be a nuisance, especially at certain times of the year, when conditions are right; from the right weather combined with the optimum temperature, as well as all the other conditions that insects need, they can soon make themselves a home without ours.

From bugs in the bed, to beetles in the carpet, moths in the wardrobe and fleas in the soft furnishings, West Wales Pest Control Services have seen it all – and dealt successfully with them all too!

Insect infestations – the answers

Fortunately, insects rarely pose a serious threat to health; we tend to be more distressed, embarrassed an uncomfortable sharing our home or businesses with tiny little critters we can barely see. You may have no idea how they got there, but you want them gone… NOW!

  • Identify insect – the first step in dealing with any insect infestation is to identify what the insect actually is. There are around 20,000 insects in the UK, the majority of which do not harm us, with only a small number of them biting or stinging. Knowing which insect is causing the problem will lead to step 2…
  • Identify insecticide solution – undoubtedly, the quickest way of getting rid of an insect infestation is to use an insecticide. This is a chemical treatment that kills the adults, young and any eggs but, an effective solution can also mean a deep clean, as well as the use of extreme temperature, such as freezing or heating. Different insects react differently to different level of temperature and humidity, therefore knowing the nature and biological habits of all kinds of insects is important – and this is why a professional pest control technician can have the answers!
  • Identify source – insects can find their way in to your homes ‘accidentally’ and like what they find, meaning they stay. In other cases, the weather and other conditions work in their favour and can lead to insect numbers dramatically increasing. However, in other cases, it may be the conditions that we create that attracts insects to make their homes in and around ours.

West Wales Pest Control Services are known for providing a reliable, professional service when it comes to quickly and effectively eradicating insects; contact us for more information today.






Carpet Beetle