Birds are not thought of as a nuisance, in most cases, simply because they are not. They fly around and apart from the odd annoying bird dropping incident on the shoulder, they actually present very little issue… until they start to nest and roost on buildings.

When birds roost, that is gather on buildings, they are doing so for warmth and security. The majority of birds prefer to nest in trees and shrubs, or the ground in some rare cases, but they can also find chimneys handy for creating a nest, as well as the guttering on a property and the like.

There are two issues with this: damage and aggression.

  • Damage – bird droppings are erosive in nature, more so with some stones that others. Not only that, streaks of white birds droppings down the exterior of a building make it unsightly.
  • Aggression – we all know that some birds, seagulls in particular, can be incredibly aggressive when they think their nest or young are under attack. Unfortunately, us walking from the car to the front door can be seen as ‘under attack’ by a nesting seagull! Diving bombing and swopping at us can make enjoying the summer in the garden nigh on impossible.

Add to this the fact that a build-up of dried bird droppings, especially those of the common pigeon on balconies and walkways can cause breathing difficulties, it is essential that you have any bird control issues dealt with.

Dealing with birds – there are many options

After assessing the situation and, following current laws etc., we can quickly and effectively deal with any bird control issues. But, once the birds are gone, steps will need to be taken to keep it that way.

Simple measures such as a cowl on a chimney prevents other birds making a nest but, in some cases, more extensive bird control measures will need to be taken.

West Wales Pest Control Services can offer a full range of bird control measures, such as netting and spikes that prevent birds roosting, as well as a full installation service.

Don’t let birds ruin your property – call us today!