Moths are associated with closed spaces and moths love dark, undisturbed places like lofts, wardrobes, trunks, curtains, warm window sills and more.

Take a look in the dark corners…

Moths fly in through open windows at night and will lay eggs in places where the emerging larvae will have a ready food supply. Eating any material with as much as 25% or more natural fibres in it – wool being a favourite – the larvae will munch a hole in the material, and then emerge from the pupae as a moth… and then the cycle starts again.

The problem with moths

Like some other pests, moths do not present any hazard to health or our properties… but they eating of natural fibres, creating holes in sometimes expensive furnishings and stored clothing can be a nuisance, as well as incredibly frustrating.

But, there are ways of dealing with this and then preventing future problems:

  • West Wales Pest Control Services will identify the issue, ensuring it is moths that are to be treated. We will then fully assess the area, looking in all the dark corners, under furniture etc. where adult moths could have laid their eggs
  • The area is then treated, using an insecticide that kills all the eggs, pupae and young.
  • We also offer a whole range of prevention advice, such as storing any stored garments in sealed, vacuum packed plastic bags etc.

Moths are not difficult to treat… providing you know where to look and what you are looking for! When treating any infestation such as moths, it is important you search all areas close to the ‘site’ of the infestations, as these tiny eggs and larvae have a habit of hiding!

West Wales Pest Control Services can help you be rid of moths – all you need to do is call us, for a quick response.