Animals, birds, rodents and insects are everywhere. They form an important part of the natural world; for example, without bees, the world would be a less colourful place with cross-pollination between flowers not happening if the bee cannot fly from flower to flower…

BUT, when these animals, insects etc. start to move in on our territory, it can make us very uncomfortable. Having fleas in our home embarrasses us, having rats in the garage make us feel distressed.

In many cases, pests are just that – a pest that can be easily got rid of. But, in some cases, pests can hurt us and cause ill-health. If you have a pest issue, even if you are unsure, call us sooner rather than later, for dealing with a pest issue in the early stages is much easier than those problems that have become established.

But, surely I can do it myself?

Many people try but, over-the-counter remedies are not as effective. You may also fall foul of the law; for example, ALL animals, birds and rodents are protected from ill treatment by law. Your pest eradication efforts could be construed as ill treatment, is the method you use causes suffering to the pest.

There are many other consideration to take into account, such as health and safety, as well as knowing the behaviour of some pests will also affect how pest to treat and eliminate them from an area.

The best course of action for any pest control issue – ants, bedbugs, fleas, flies, wasps, bees, cockroaches, carpet beetles, rabbits, moths, foxes, moles and more – is professional help:

  • Qualified – all our technician hold, as a minimum, the award from the Royal Society fir Public Health, ‘Pest Control & Management’. This comprehensive qualification has a high pass rate and must be completed within 12 months. It covers the treatment of all pests, as well as the safe storage, transportation and use of chemical treatments.
  • Specialist – as well as this qualification, many members of our tea, hold a variety of additional qualifications and specialist skills, including licences for use of various equipment and methods, such as a firearms licence
  • Experienced – we have worked (and lived!) in West Wales for many, many years; we know the area and how this can contribute to some kinds of pests being more prevalent than others. We work with domestic customers in and outside their homes, as well as with all businesses in the area from retailers, to food service business, hotels, pubs, farms and heavy industry, for example.
  • Safe – we are members of several trade organisations that promote safe practice, as well as continuing professional development within the pest control association. We are currently active members of the National Pest Technicians Association, Basis PROMPT and Safecontractor.
  • Trust – we provide no obligation quotes after a free, on-site survey. But our service is more comprehensive than this; we also want to help your property to stay pest-free and so will offer honest advice on preventing future issues. For business customers, we also service long term contracts, making budgeting for pest control services easier – and your pest problem under effective control.

Responsive, effective and local – what more could you want from a pest control company?