With the perfect mix of mountains to the north, and the Atlantic Ocean lapping to its southern coastline, it is no wonder people choose to live here and holiday here, as well as for large industries to make this part of Wales their home.

Such a beautiful place needs caring for, including the natural habitat; allowing one animal to dominate can mean irreparable damage…

Rabbits, for instance, can decimate crops in no time, moles can make ground unstable and foxes can also be a nuisance, killing new born lambs and chickens.

In the home, pests can become an unwanted nuisance, from rats in the garage to mice in the cellar, or fleas and bugs that find their way in to our homes in all kinds of ways.

Pest infestations are distressing and, for some businesses, they can cause them financial issues too; repairing damaged buildings where flocks of pigeons roost, for example.

If you think you have a pest problem – even if you are not sure at all! –call West Wales Pest Control Service for honest advice, as well as the best treatments…

On-site assessment

ALL our pest control assignments, whether for a domestic or commercial customer, start with a FREE on-site assessment. This allows us to examine a range of issues from identifying the pest, the source of the infestation, the best treatment that will work in the area and also looking for ways of preventing or minimising the possibility of future problems.

Treating the pest!

There are a number of treatments and methods available to a pest control technician to deal with all kinds of pests, in all kinds of situations and places…

  • All our technicians as a minimum, hold the ‘Pest Control & Management’ qualification awarded by the Royal Society of Public Health
  • Many of our staff have also completed specialist courses in specific treatments and use of equipment, such as gassing and proofing techniques for birds, rabbits etc.
  • We also hold a range of licences such as firearms licences

Operating safely

Pest Control is not just about setting traps or laying poison; there are a vast number of additional considerations to be aware of, from protecting non-target animals from being affected by any treatment to the area being safe to use by you, your family, customers, guests and your pets too.

Rules and regulations change too and so staying up-to-date is vital for any professional pest control company. This is something we take seriously, hence we are currently members of trade bodies and organisations such as:

  • National Pest Technicians Association
  • Safecontractor – a health & safety organisation
  • Royal Society for Public Health
  • Basis PROMPT – a company offering continuing professional development courses

The very best service, every time!

There are no half measures with us. If you have a pest problem, and you want it gone, we are the company who can deal with it.

We also recognise that for some customers, pests in and around their properties is a sensitive issue and not one they want to ‘advertise’; we also have a fleet of unmarked vehicles and, if this is something you would like, please inform us when you call.

ALL pests, anywhere and any time of year

We deal with the smallest insect to the largest of animals… from ants, bedbugs, fleas, flies, wasps, bees, moths, carpet beetles to rodents, squirrels, foxes, rabbits and many, many more!