Do you have a pest problem?

  • Dived-bombed by seagulls as you leave your home?
  • Rats rummaging through the bins outside your business premises?
  • Foxes causing a nuisance in the garden at night time?
  • Wasps in the garage…?

The list could go on but, when you are sharing your home, business or outside space or garden with pests, it feel uncomfortable and distressing. Many customers find that being infested in the home, with fleas carried in by pets, for example, as being embarrassing too.

We have lived and worked in and around West Wales long enough to know that in the vast majority of cases, if you do not deal with a pest problem it will spiral out of control. Our advice is simple:

If you think you have a pest problem, no matter how small, call us immediately!

Competitively priced

You may think that the do-it-yourself approach will work, but in most cases, it doesn’t; sometimes, it can make the situation worse. Therefore, calling us in early will mean that the problem is dealt with quickly and with minimal fuss… and it is far more cost effective than you think!


There is more to pest control that baiting a trap; there are laws to consider regarding the treatment of animals and birds, as well as regulations governing the use of equipment and chemicals. Fall on the wrong side of the law, and you could face a hefty fine. Calling in the professionals will prevent all this:

  • Qualified technicians who hold a certificate in ‘Pest Control & Management’ are essential in dealing effectively with any pest problem, in any situation from the farmers’ field to the kitchen of a domestic property
  • The range of skills we have and the additional qualifications and licences we hold, such as a firearms licence, mean that we have a range of abilities available at our disposal to see you pest-free in no time
  • Staying up to date with all regulations, guidelines and laws relating to health & safety, as well as pest control methods is essential too, which is why West Wales Pest Control Services are members of the following professional membership bodies:
    • National Pest Technicians Association
    • Royal Society for Public Health
    • Safecontractor
    • Basis PROMPT
  • Operating safely is important that all non-target species are not harmed, as well as using methods and equipment that will not harm pets or render an area unusable in a busy family household or thriving local business.

Guaranteed and insured

With Public Liability insurance up to £10million, our work is also guaranteed. This all combines to give you a professional service, at a great price which means one thing – you will no longer be sharing your home or business with unwanted birds, animals, rodents or insects (and it will happen quicker than you think too!)

Call West Wales Pest Control Services today to find out more about the great pest control packages we offer.