Haverfordwest has, in recent decades, enjoying a certain amount of building and development; larger retailers have located to the town and in the summer months, the local population swells considerably with the addition of tourists and visitors.

On the surface, this is great news for the area but, in terms of pest control, it can lead to a few issues…

The built environment

Additional buildings and homes are always needed but, adding structures to land where animals, birds and insects normally live will naturally drive them from this natural habitat, and possibly in to the direction of our homes. When this happens, it may be that some animals and birds need to be re-located, something that we can do!

People and habits

The swelling of the local population can also cause problems, encouraging pests in some instances. Full bins, for example, offer ripe pickings for the local seagulls, as well as rats and mice. Likewise, for local restaurants, fast food outlets, cafes, pubs and hotels, they can find that some pests become more prevalent… but they don’t want a brightly coloured van turning up on the door step, proclaiming to get rid of all known pests!

A professional, and discreet, pest control and eradication service is what every customer needs, both commercial and domestic!

Qualified – all our pest control technicians are qualified to the highest level, such as the industry standard qualification ‘Pest Control & Management’, awarded by the Royal Society of Public Health. Our technicians also hold a variety of specialist qualifications too, so that we are ready to deal with all kinds of pests, from the smallest insect to the nuisance of birds, and the damaging effects of rabbits, moles and rats.

Up-to-date – pest control is a fast-moving industry. As we use a variety of chemicals, as well as other specialist equipment and methods it is important we stay up to date and relevant when it comes to legislation, including health & safety. As a result, we are members of various organisations and trade bodies, such as:

  • The Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH)
  • National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA)
  • Basis PROMPT – a training organisation specifically for the pest control industry
  • Safecontractor – a health & safety assessment organisation

Safe – this means that as a company, we are safe to use! We also only ever use humane methods of pest control, in accordance with the law but we also think this is important from a land management point of view as well. We also recognise that for both domestic and commercial customers, using methods that are safe for use in and around areas where the family frequent, as well as pets and, for commercial customers, their customers is of paramount importance. All our work is guaranteed and insured with through a Public Liability Insurance to the value of £10 million.

No job too big or too small! – we deal with a whole gambit of pests, from the tiniest of ants to nuisance birds, annoying rabbits, rampaging rats and hopping fleas. We also deal with…

Wasps, bees, flies of all kinds, carpet beetles, squirrels, mice, bedbugs, foxes, moles, woodworm, pigeons and seagulls… and any other pest you can think of!

If you have a pest control problem, we have the solution.