Why do some animals, birds or insects become ‘pests’?

There are many questions we are asked by customers when they call us, needing our quick, responsive pest control service for their home or business. Invariably, we will be asked about why the infestation or issue happened in the first place.

There are many answers from the weather conditions being right, encouraging breeding, or the weather condition being wrong, forcing animals and insects form their natural habitat. Building work and our own habits can also be important push-pull factors in making an animal, bird or insect into a nuisance pest.

Why trust West Wales Pest Control?

When you has a pest problem, you want and need a quick, professional and effective response and this is exactly what we offer!

  • Fully trained – all our technicians hold, as a minimum, the certificate in ‘Pest Control & Management’ as awarded by the Royal Society of Public Health. We also hold a variety of other specialist certificates and qualifications, as well as licences such as firearms. This means we have a wide range of skills to be able to apply to all kinds of pest problems.
  • Safe – being qualified means we are safe to work in an industry that it constantly changing; not only do we guarantee our work but we also carry Public Liability Insurance to the value of £10 million
  • Up to date – laws and regulations change all the time, which is why we think it is important we are members of Safecontractor, a body that promotes health & safety within the pest control industry, as well as Basis Prompt, an organisation that spearheads training and development for pest control technicians; we are also current members of the National Pest Technicians Association, a body that looks to drive up standards within the industry even more

Who can we help?

We can anyone with a pest control issue; this includes both domestic customers, and businesses throughout Pembroke and surrounding areas.

We understand that for some customers, especially those within the food or hospitality industry, having a pest control van parked outside the premises, is not always the best advert for your business; this is why we not only offer times outside of your normal trading hours to deal with a pest control issue, we also have a fleet of unmarked vans. If this is some you would prefer, please tell us when you call us; we’ll be happy to oblige.

And don’t forget, we live and work in Pembroke and surrounding towns every day, so when we say we are responsive to your call, we are!

What pests do we deal with?

There is no pest that we will not or cannot deal with! We have helped people be free from rats, mice, ants, bedbugs, fleas, flies, wasps, bees, carpet beetles, moths, rabbits, foxes and many, many more.