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The last month has seen the mole trapping season explode into action.  The moles have become very active due to their desire to find a mate.  The moles can often dig up to 50 meters a night if the soil is soft enough.  It seems that there are large numbers around this Spring, again I believe this is because of the mild winter.

Moles are abundant throughout the UK, they prefer fertile soils and normally avoid acid soil.  They are most abundant in permanent grassland i.e. gardens, parks, golf courses, cemeteries etc.. Moles are generally solitary in their habits and have large tunnel systems that can cover up to 1,600m2. They feed mainly on earthworms and insect larvae.  They breed between February and May.


The two main ways or eradicating moles are to trap and gas.  Poisoning has been banned in the UK for a number of years.

Our preferred method is to trap the moles.  The mole is humanely killed and the customer can see the results if they so wish. The traps are placed under ground and are normally left for a period of 6-7 days.  Gassing is not as successful because in order to kill the mole it has to travel through a gassed area of its tunnel system.  Moles will often detect the gas and move in totally the opposite direction.

We have known customers to spend hundreds of pounds on gadgets to try and rid themselves of moles.  Most of these gadgets use vibration techniques.  You only have to look at the side of a road to see that vibration does not work!


When we trap your garden we will give you a 100% guarantee for the duration of 2 weeks from when we leave the property that no more mole hills will appear.  We cannot guarantee any longer because moles are always on the move.  You can rest assure we will get rid of these little digging machines.

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