Seagull Proofing in Newport Pembrokeshire

Seagull proofing in the idyllic seaside village of Newport in Pembrokeshire using Killgerms RTN bracket system and gull spikes and gull chimney guards. Please contact us for a free no obligation quote and site survey for all your bird proofing and control requirements.      

Mole Control Pembrokeshire

MOLE CONTROL PEMBROKESHIRE & WEST WALES The last month has seen the mole trapping season explode into action.  The moles have become very active due to their desire to find a mate.  The moles can often dig up to 50 meters a night if the soil is soft enough.  It seems that there are large … Continued

Pestforce Pembrokeshire

Welcome to the launch of West Wales Pest Control website operated by Richard Walters, formerly of Pestforce Pembrokeshire and Pestforce Carmarthen. West Wales Pest Control continues to be family run with the same high level of professional, experienced and friendly pest control services throughout Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and Cardiganshire. We would like to thank all our … Continued